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Success feels good

We're not your average marketing agency!


Founded by Mike Peterson and Michael Clark in 2011 with the charge to elevate the quality of marketing for small-medium sized companies and organizations. We help businesses that have demanding marketing and sales needs find success with their digital marketing efforts.

Every company that has hired us for web design and development has become a long-term partner. Ultimately we are in the business of creating great relationships, those between you and your customers, and those between you and us. 

We want to be an extension of your team. 


Put simply our goal is to help you develop and feel great about your online marketing assets and strategies. The internet and social media has changed the game rapidly and moves very fast. We want to become a trusted part of your team, focusing on ways to leverage what works for your industry and market. 

"You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar


Our clients are successful companies and organizations that want the best websites and help to navigate the vast digital landscape. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients and become trusted advisors and partners. 

"In the old days it was easy, get the biggest yellow page ad, wait for the phone to ring, do good business, and repeat. These days we have to think about digital marketing, traditional marketing, social marketing, websites, search engines and much more. We use 5ive Marketing as our trusted advisors and facilitators for everything we do related to marketing and promotion. We meet every month, and we evaluate opportunities and take weekly actions that move our company into the forefront of our industry." - Joe from Home Comfort

Our reputation is for creating amazing websites that outperform the competition while being custom tailored to each client and industry. A testament to our high quality of work and value is demonstrated by the fact that every project we've done has turned into a long-term business relationship with our clients. To date, we speak with every client, every month and that type of continuous working relationship provides us with profound insight into the businesses we get the honor of working with. 

"We knew that creating the new OGA.org was going to be a massive project. We spoke with various companies, but none seemed ready and able to tackle such a massive project. With web traffic in the millions and pages of content in the thousands, creating a new site and making a seamless transition wasn't going to be easy. After speaking with 5ive Marketing, it was apparent that they had the skills to do the job. They helped us break the massive project down into smaller phases, and we launched sooner than expected. Our new website system scales and adjusts to the needs and wants of our community quickly and exceeded our expectations! Above all the new site is far and away outperforming our old site and we are getting more members as a result" Aaron B. Oregon Golf Association

We are not the perfect fit for every company and organization, but maybe we are the right fit for yours, let's find out


Michael Clark

Michael is an enthusiastic trainer, marketer, and new media strategist. He has been helping businesses and organizations with their communications, and technology for almost a decade.

Michael has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Business and Marketing from Marylhurst University.

Michael has a passion for reading and learning that at times almost seems to be an obsession. Beyond reading, he spends thousands a year attending conferences and advanced training courses.

An avid traveler he loves to see and experience new places with his lovely wife, aka, partner in crime. The pair has traveled to gorgeous tropical beaches all over the world, but the two enjoy a simple family camping trip just as much.

More than anything Michael is a dedicated husband and family man who loves spending time with his friends and family.

Mike Peterson

Mike is passionate about technology, our clients, and his family. He is comfortable in every aspect of the interactive process because he has done a little bit of everything from managing all of the interactive resources for five companies, building small business websites, to maintaining computer and network systems for multiple business locations.

Let's face it sometimes technical people speak differently than the rest of us. Mike has developed the ability to break very complex technical topics into useful bite-sized pieces of information that everyone can understand. His goal is for every client to understand what we are doing for them and how.

Mike has a Bachelors of Science in Interactive Media Development from the Art Institute of Portland and actively pursues additional training every year.

When Mike isn’t glued to his computer he enjoys spending time with his family, camping, working on his 1970 Bronco, and farming on the weekends.