We know how difficult it can be for companies to be guaranteed a return on their marketing investments. We help create opportunities in the home services industry for you to shine by connecting you directly with your ideal customers at the time they need you most.

We’ve helped home service clients gain clarity around their marketing while helping them to expand into additional locations, exponentially growing their teams and improving their profits, and service offerings.

In the old days, it was easy, get the biggest yellow page ad, wait for the phone to ring, do good business, and repeat. These days we have to think about digital marketing, traditional marketing, social marketing, websites, search engines and much more. We use 5ive Marketing as our trusted advisors and facilitators for everything we do related to marketing and promotion. We meet every month, and we evaluate opportunities and take weekly actions that move our company into the forefront of our industry.

Joe Flande, Home Comfort President

We have provided the confidence, tools, and training to realtors so that they can fully leverage their experience while building a solid personal brand. It has been amazing to hear the stories and see the awards from our clients after they have invested in themselves and their strategic marketing efforts.

We also understand that finding a company to help you market your business, that you can trust, and isn’t just trying to sell you canned products and services can be, well put simply, frustrating. It takes so much time and effort to find a company that might be competent, only to shell out large amounts of money to essentially test them. Well, we think there is a much better way!

You should be in complete control over your marketing, understanding every aspect of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and be able to not only trust but like the people, you are working with to help you grow your business and bottom line. Not to sound too bold, but we are that team.

It’s pretty simple, we believe that marketing your business should be fun, informative, rewarding for you and your customers! Great marketing should complement your already outstanding service, and deepen the impact your company has on your customers.

We are the marketing agency that you have been looking for.

Strategy + tactics + data + massive action = market domination

Here is the gist:

  1. We speak plainly and educate our clients
  2. We make marketing fun
  3. We have a vested interest in your success
  4. We value our relationship with you over everything else
  5. We want your marketing to cost you nothing

If you:

  1. Assist in the buying, selling, or servicing of homes
  2. Believe that marketing is an investment
  3. Want more time back
  4. Want to have fun while growing your business
  5. Want your marketing to be better than free

Let’s find out if we are the perfect fit.