Michael Clark

Michael is an enthusiastic trainer, marketer, and new media strategist. He has been helping businesses and organizations with their communications, and technology for almost a decade.

Michael has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Business and Marketing from Marylhurst University.

Michael has a passion for reading and learning that at times almost seems to be an obsession. Beyond reading, he spends thousands a year attending conferences and advanced training courses.

An avid traveler he loves to see and experience new places with his lovely wife, aka, partner in crime. The pair has traveled to gorgeous tropical beaches all over the world, but the two enjoy a simple family camping trip just as much.

More than anything Michael is a dedicated husband and family man who loves spending time with his friends and family.



Mike Peterson

Mike is passionate about technology, our clients, and his family. He is comfortable in every aspect of the interactive process because he has done a little bit of everything from managing all of the interactive resources for five companies, building small business websites, to maintaining computer and network systems for multiple business locations.

Let's face it sometimes technical people speak differently than the rest of us. Mike has developed the ability to break very complex technical topics into useful bite-sized pieces of information that everyone can understand. His goal is for every client to understand what we are doing for them and how.

Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Development from the Art Institute of Portland and actively pursues additional training every year.

When Mike isn’t glued to his computer he enjoys spending time with his family, camping, working on his 1970 Bronco, and farming on the weekends.

Dominic Groshong

Full-Stack Developer

Dominic is an ardent pursuer of design and development and enjoys taking a design through the process of the sketch, wireframe, design, and finally development. He finds something special in taking an idea and transforming it into something in which people can interact with.

Dominic has an Applied Baccalaureate degree in Computer Science from Western Oregon University, an AAS in Interactive Media from Chemeketa Community College, and an AAS in Graphic Design from Chemeketa Community College.

Nowadays Dominic enjoys traveling around in his 5th wheel and continuing to add more creative and crafting skills to his repertoire. A hobbyist of many things he enjoys the challenge of learning new skills and being able to craft things and finding ways to combine his hobbies together.