Business Busyiness Trap

The biggest trap that businesses face is getting caught in the busy loop. I know we did it for years. We fell into the trap that our clients came first, which feels right, but in fact, it isn’t. When the client comes first, the business comes last, and almost every day, we found ourselves without time to refine our systems and level up our game. 

It took a while to recognize this and to determine a change had to be made, but when we realized it, it made a tremendous difference. When we put our business first our clients benefit from it and everyone including ourselves gets our best work.

We’ve likely all seen what the busyiness business loop looks like, maybe at your favorite local eatery or store. Everything starts out fine, the staff is friendly, and the service is good. However, over time after continuing to serve others and not taking the time to care for the business, the place looks a bit worse every time you visit. The staff is a bit less enthusiastic, the signage gets a bit more drab and everything seems like a slightly less polished version of the business than you initially remember. 

This is just another take on the tried and true principle of needing to pay yourself first.

Pay yourself first is one of the most commonly used concepts in personal finance. The gist is that, if you don’t save or “pay yourself” first, at the end of the month or year, nothing will be leftover. While many of us have heard this, only some of us practice it, even though we know it makes sense. 

In business, this concept can have additional meaning, beyond just company savings and investments. Paying yourself first in business can mean working on the business, not just in it. Setting aside dedicated time to move your business forward ensures that you are around to continue to serve your customers. It helps you stay sharp and anticipate potential issues before they even arise.

Following this idea, each day we strive to dedicate time to creating and working on our business before jumping on social media, or checking email.

Create value, create sales, create a business, create content, create engagement, create demand, create connections, create reserves, create stability, create a process. Just create something, even if extremely small each day, and before long you will be amazed at how far you have come.

Strategy before tactics, and creation before client or customer tasks.