Create Before You Consume

I have never felt more alive, productive, and creative than when I created before I consumed.

For example I usually have my best days when I wake up at 4:30 and hit the gym at 5:00 am. This act of creating before consuming first thing in the morning changed the outlook of my entire day. I made smarter health decisions, was more awake and present with my family, and in my business.

This got me thinking, how might this simple concept and routine translate into creating content that impacts the lives of those who interact with it?

The small act of creating before you consume lets you tap into your genius before it gets sidetracked by what others are already doing. Like nearly anyone else, I can fall victim to distraction and comparing myself to others.

Habits make us who we are, and determine what type of lives we get to enjoy. Recognizing that this strategy works, I have been striving to make creating before consuming a habit in various areas of my life.

We are creatures of habit and are also masters at analyzing, categorizing, and solving the problems around us. If you can combine a habit of creating before you consume, and sit down to create one article or social media post a day, before looking at others, you will realize that you’ve struck creative gold.

Easy to say and harder to put into practice.

This is what works for me. I Schedule time into my calendar to create when I first get to the office. As a culture our entire team now does this. The goal is to create and ship in this first hour. What helps support this habit is preplanning potential topics, and then just pick one and get to work. Don’t research, just create. Shoot from the hip. With practice, you will get better.

Calendar time scheduled for creating before you consume

As an example this article was written in one session (then shipped to my team for proofing), then put on a shelf for 24 hours and reviewed, finalized, and shipped.

Here is the process once more:

  1. Schedule time to create
  2. Plan topics ahead of time
  3. Create before you consume
  4. Ship something (Move it forward)

Bottom line:

Your best ideas and creativity already live inside of you. Sure, consuming feels good, and it is easy, but creating feels even better. Start off creating first, then do the easier consuming after you’ve paid yourself first.

Give it a try and see what you can create. Tag us we would love to connect and see what amazing content you just created.