Our thoughts {Today} on small business marketing and the future

Just like you, we have been getting so much information delivered to us about COVID. We wanted to take a moment and share what we have been telling our clients, our friends, and our loved ones.

Heres what we know in our world. Every industry regardless of size, shape, and goal, has had to make adjustments in how they work and help their customers.

Globally we have been brought together under one common cause.

For every scary story that we have heard, I have seen, heard about and witnessed remarkable acts of kindness, and compassion.

From a marketing perspective, your audience is online and connected like never before. They are actively consuming information, scrolling through social media and interacting with people via digital platforms like zoom.

Many people have been paralyzed by fear and have changed their focus to survival. This is absolutely the right immediate response. Always take care of yourself and your families well being first. But please immediately take action to keep your business in front of your customers, engage with your customers online, hold workshops, live chats, and be available like never before. People are what your businesses have been built on and it’s how your businesses will survive.

For any of you who want some ideas on what to post on social media, post positivity in your community, the great ways your companies are dealing with this situation. Share a tip for your customer on how to do something for themselves, and share videos on how to prepare for appointments with you.

We will come out of this, our world may look different, how we interact may change, but remember that while the circumstance is something we haven’t faced in our lifetimes, the fact that major changes happen all the time that have the possibility to shape the future. How will your future look?

Heres what we have done:

Our teams are working remotely. We use zoom to stay connected and to collaborate with our clients. We even hosted a zoom happy hour. We have been reaching out to our clients and reassuring them that we are here. We have left more comments and kudos to our clients on social media, we have been writing PR statements, and helping clients refocus their messages online.

The bottom line is don’t stop. Keep making investments into marketing yourself and taking care of yourself, your business, and your community. Keep moving forward!