Consistency | 5ive Marketing


Recently I started attending the gym and working out. The reality is that what I wanted was immediate results. That's unrealistic. Just like my friend Cathey Armillas says, "It's better to be consistently good than occasionally excellent."; your marketing rarely benefits from being occasionally great. Real gains in the gym and marketing are made by being consistent. By showing up every day and putting in the work.

Simple examples of daily Marketing

  1. Post an image to Instagram
  2. Interact with a fan on facebook
  3. Solve a single customer service issue
  4. Write a quirky short blog article
  5. Rewrite a single page on your website. Remove self-centered language like we, us, our; to You, your (Client or customer centric).

However just like the euphoric feeling you get after a workout, doing daily marketing feels great too and without the debilitating soreness that comes later. Thank goodness. At 5ive Marketing, we practice and improve our clients marketing programs daily, for gains that are measurable and sustainable. Start your marketing workout today!